Benefits of Coconut Oil

Skin Care: Coconut oil is an excellent nourishing ointment & effective moisturizer on all types of skins.
Hair Care: Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, helps in healthy growth of hair and gives a shiny luster.
Liver, Kidney and Gall Bladder Health: Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFAs) in coconut oil reduce workload on the liver and support its function by preventing accumulation of fat. Coconut oil also helps in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases. It is a remedy in dissolving kidney stones.

Enhanced Metabolism and Energy: Boosts energy and endurance, remedy for treating pancreatitis.
Immune System: With antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties, coconut oil strengthens the immune system.
Bone Health: Coconut oil improves the ability of our body to absorb the needed minerals like calcium and magnesium.
Healing Wounds & Burns: It promotes fast healing and recovery from cuts and burns.
Heart Diseases: Coconut oil is highly beneficial for the cardio vascular system. It helps in strengthening the heart’s muscular structures.

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Hair Benefits: Sesame seed oil is full of the nutrients needed for a healthy scalp and hair.
Prevents Cancer: Sesame seeds contain anti-cancer compounds including phytic acid, magnesium, and phytosterols. Sesame seeds have the highest phytosterol content of all seeds and nuts.
Relieves Arthritis: The high copper content in sesame seeds prevents and relieves arthritis, and strengthens bones, joints and blood vessels.
Protects Your Liver from Alcohol: Sesame helps protect you from alcohol’s impact on your liver, helping you maintain healthy liver function.
Prevents Wrinkles: Sesame seed oil prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging your skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.

Prevents Wrinkles: Sesame seed oil prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging your skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.
Good for Oral Health: Oil pulling has been used for oral health for thousands of years in Ayurveda to reduce dental plaque, whiten your teeth, and boost Oral health.
Good for Respiratory Health: The magnesium in sesame seeds helps prevent respiratory disorders by preventing airway spasm and asthma.
Helps Prevent Diabetes: Sesame seeds contain magnesium and other nutrients. Sesame oil has been shown to prevent diabetes, and it can also improve plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.
Reduces Blood Pressure: Sesame oil lowers blood pressure in diabetics. Sesame seeds are full of magnesium – a key nutrient known to help lower blood pressure.

Benefits of Groundnut / Peanut Oil

It is free from cholesterol and contains lots of essential fatty acids like omega-6. So it is one of best oil suited for cooking. (Unfortunately corporates have branded peanut oil as un healthy oil)
It has got ample amount of plant sterols which reduces the risk of heart disease.
It has rich mono saturated fatty acids. This helps to reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the HDL (good cholesterol)
It has rich anti oxidants. The helps to reduce the risk of cancel and Alzheimer’s disease.

Groundnut oil has rich folates , which boosts the fertility.
It has rich protein and some times referred as poor man’s protein.
Consuming groundnut oil helps in hair growth and moisturizes the hair , as its rich in protein.
It helps to control the blood glucose level.
Notes:: As groundnut oil is rich in protein and fat, it has to be used in moderation. Full benefits of the oil can be reaped only if we use cold pressed oil. In refined oils the natural properties will be lost due to bleaching and extracting of oil at high temperature.